Welcome to EYECATCHMUSIC created by experienced musicians Iwan Gronow and Tom Twemlow. Iwan a member of Johnny Marr's band and TWEM a solo artist https://twem.bandcamp.com/releases currently working with Denise Johnson. Together they write and record sync music.

Above you can hear a showreel of our tracks, full versions can be heard in MUSIC. We also Have a PROMO JUKEBOX link in the Downloads section.

You can find below a short film by MICKEY SMITH; a good friend of EYECATCHMUSIC, we have synced the footage with our track "OUT IN THE RAIN"  http-//www.mickeysmith.ie 




To stream music use the link below. If you would like to download any tracks please use the contact section and we will send you a link to our Promo Jukebox. We hope to hear from you soon...